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IT consulting



Medirent company consists of qualified professionals with experience in providing consulting services in information technologies field.


Consulting services include, first of all, the creation of a particular document, which is the result, and main artifact of the project. It can be a Concept, Statement of work, Draft project, the other agreed with the client document.


Usually, we specify basic needs and customer requirements, we investigate the best international practices, form several options of possible solutions that are subject to a comparative analysis based on specific criteria, carry out more detailed analysis of the optimal variant, determine approximate plan of the project, its stage, the estimated budget, the possible risks. It may be a presentation, protection of the created document.


When we provide consulting services, we use all existing technical experience of our specialists and practice of project management, ability to prepare appropriate documents.


Specialists of Medirent company performed a significant number of projects about provision of consulting services, including the implementation of complex projects under the auspices of the World Bank.